GEWO Sensus Table Tennis Blades

GEWO Sensus Table Tennis Blades

GEWO Sensus Series Blades - Innovation, Feeling, Performance!

Sensus Carbo Speed,  Sensus Carbo Touch, and Sensus Powerfeeling are the three great GEWO blades in the series. Each supports modern table tennis play of all styles. Designed by German engineers and tested by GEWO's top sponsored professional players, these rackets have maximum energy transfer, a large sweet spot, and a balanced weight that enables great touch play.

Sensus' weigh between 88 and 92 grams which is the perfect weight for modern-day advanced play. All Sensus are made in Europe.

Looking for a Sensus ready custom made racket.   We love this Combo-Special:


Published 4/15/22

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