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729 Friendship RITC

729 RITC 804 Anti Spin Table Tennis Rubber

729 RITC 804 Anti Spin Table Tennis Rubber

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RITC Friendship 804 Smooth Surface Anti-Spin Table Tennis Rubber with Sponge is designed to completely nullify spin. The 804 Anti-Spin will actually produce a little spin on its own, giving it a higher degree of control than other Anti-Spin Rubbers. All at an affordable price.

It is terrific blocking rubber with high control and low dead ball returns, that will give your opponent fits. This is great backhand rubber for a penholder who uses the backside sparingly or for someone who wishes to block low and short.

Available Black and Red rubber.

Manufacturer specifications:

  • Anti-spin inverted rubber.
  • Incoming spin has little effect.
  • Sinking ball.
  • Precision placements.
  • Great for Defensive players.
  • ITTF/USATT/CTTA approved.

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