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Dr Neubauer Table Tennis

Dr.Neubauer ABS 2 Anti - Table Tennis Rubber

Dr.Neubauer ABS 2 Anti - Table Tennis Rubber

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Dr. Newbauer ABS 2 is very best in the field of frictionless Anti-Spin

Dr. Neubauer ABS Anti-Spin sets a new benchmark for passive blocking close to the table with frictionless Anti-Spin rubbers.? This new version, ABS 2, was developed explicitly for the latest plastic and ABS balls to gain maximum effectiveness.

As opposed to most other frictionless Anti-Spin rubbers on the market, ABS 2 also unveils its full potential with the new so-called ABS balls: Incredibly short and low blocking is possible with ABS 2

The rubber will produce excellent spin reversal against spinning loops.
Most importantly, passive blocking against fast topspin drives is also possible.??

ABS 2 guarantees great control and makes it easy to find the right angle for the bat while blocking, even against very powerful attacking shots.

Despite its very low speed, the rubber will also enable you to change the rhythm of the game through aggressive pushing and thus confuse your opponent.

The rubber's outstanding control will enable you to reach maximum effectiveness even on fast blades.

Rubber Type: Frictionless Anti Spin
Speed: 51
Spin: 0
Control: 88
Hardness: Medium-Soft
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