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Gambler Volt-T - Offensive Table Tennis Rubber

Gambler Volt-T - Offensive Table Tennis Rubber

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Gambler Volt-T - Table Tennis Rubber

Volt-T is an aggressive modern day tacky offensive table tennis rubber, perfect for players who prefer a spin generation and power. Volt-T uses a standard pip geometry arranged in a diagonal array giving enhanced ability to spin and direct the trajectory of the ball. Volt-T is a small batch premium rubber created by selecting only the best cuts of our exclusive Gambler Japanese ?Oh-Toro? sponge and combining this with our proprietary formulated top sheet. Volt-T characteristics are closely associated with the ?Chinese style? of play, or ?over the table? loop. Volt-T rubber pairs best with a Gambler Volt - M for the backhand. This rubber compares well to sticky national team Chinese rubbers.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Speed: 96
Spin: Maximum
Control: 87
Sponge Type: Gambler ?Oh-Toro? Japanese middle cut, HARD 48+-2
Spin Type: Tacky (60% sticky 40% mechanical).

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