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GEWO Bat: Blade In-Force Arc with Hype and Nexxus Rubber Combo Special

GEWO Bat: Blade In-Force Arc with Hype and Nexxus Rubber Combo Special

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This pre-assembled complete racket consists of the GEWO blade In-force S-HAC OFF, GEWO Rubber Hype XT Pro 50.0 red 1.9mm FH and the GEWO Rubber Nexxus XT Pro 48 black 2.1mm BH

This racket offers an interesting combination of a controlled carbon blade and direct, hard rubbers. As a result, you can play with a lot of confidence in the serve/return aspect of the game, while you can play enormously powerful balls in the open rallye. Also suitable for the counter-attack/ hit game!

Structure and characteristics of the In-force S-HAC OFF

The success story continues! It all started in 2011 with Force ARC Off and the story is now continued with the new GEWO Force series. New compositions and materials were combined to meet the requirements of modern high-performance table tennis. The composition of the popular Force ARC Off remains unchanged while the blade’s balance has been adapted to the demands made on state-of-the art table tennis blades.

Our flagship in terms of dynamics and control. Featuring our innovative Super Hybrid Aramid Carbon Fibre (S-HAC), this blade is an absolute premium-quality powerhouse in terms of speed, acceleration, and control. Thanks to the sturdy S-HAC synthetic fiber, this inner blade enables a slightly longer ball contact time resulting in significantly higher control despite its high speed. GEWO In-Force S-HAC provides a straightforward, linear feel and all the power you need to put your opponents under permanent pressure without losing control.

    • Grip shapes: flared and straight
    • Speed: 103
    • Control: 88
    • Suitability: Offensive/Offensive Plus
    • Weight: 90 g
    • Veneers: 5+2

Structure and characteristics of the Hype XT Pro 50.0

The premium product of the GEWO Hype series – Gewo Hype XT Pro 50.0 ultimate speed in a new dimension!

The softest version of the Proton Neo series will be a thrill for any player preferring soft, super-elastic and controlled OFF rubbers. You will benefit from the improved ball control, especially in passive playing situations. GEWO Proton Neo 325 is designed for excellent control even in the most difficult situations. The arriving speed of the ball is perfectly absorbed by the soft sponge enabling perfect control when it comes to pushing, blocking or chopping.

    • Surface color: Black/red
    • Sponge thickness: 1.9 mm
    • Speed: 125
    • Control: 93
    • Spin: 122
    • Suitability: Offensive Plus
    • Sponge hardness: Hard+
    • Type of rubber: Pimples inside

Structure and characteristics of the Nexxus XT Pro 48

Pure Power! GEWO Nexxus XT Pro 48: Long-term test series with the tightest geometrical and playing feature tolerances in different conditions formed the basis: Fine tuning on a new level was the result. It is our mission to create maximum precision rubbers to meet the requirements of modern table tennis. So, once you use GEWO Nexxus Pro featuring state-of-the-art technology (nexxTT, N.E.P., Maxximum.Power.Play.) on you blade, you know what you get: The Very Best. Recent physical developments (e.g. the new balls) and the experience gained through a long-term design and testing series all over the world (involving numerous GEWO top level and players, talents and coaches from various fields) culminated in one goal: The development of the “nexxTT Generation” rubber series. Now, we are proud to announce: Mission Completed!

Powerful. Made for Speed. The Power Package of the Nexxus series Maximum dynamics and a flat trajectory combined with enormous catapult effect are the prime features of this power rubber. FLEX-TEC technology provides for maximum speed, while the DGC40+ 2.0 top sheet guarantees consistent and reliable coupling when the bat hits the ball. Especially if used with maXXimum sponge thickness (2.3 mm), this power package unfolds all its power and energy potential. Despite the speed and dynamics of the 48° hard sponge, GEWO Nexxus XT Pro 48 provides for astonishing feel, thanks to its grippy top sheet, and unbelievable reliability for passive strokes used in modern serve/return situations, blocking and flips.

    • rubber color: black/red
    • Sponge thickness: 2.1 mm
    • Speed: 126
    • Control: 90
    • Spin: 123
    • Suitability: Offensive Plus
    • Sponge hardness: Medium+
    • Type of rubber: Pimples In


Playstyle: Attack Variable Offensive
Recommendation: Competition

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