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Maxi Pong

Maxi Pong - Maxi Defensive Table Tennis Blade

Maxi Pong - Maxi Defensive Table Tennis Blade

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Maxi Pong - Maxi Defensive Table Tennis Blade

Maxi Pong - Maxi Defensive Table Tennis Blade is a unique square-shaped oversized five-ply plus two-carbon table tennis blade.

The large blade face produces extraordinary power and off-the-table spin. Its additional weight and mass produce extra ball compression into modern-day tensor rubbers, like - Dignics, Tenergy, DNA, MXP, Omega, and Bluestorm - for a fantastic combination of enhanced speed, spin, and control.

Are you looking for an offensive solution to your off-the-table chop game. The Maxi's large blade face is ideal for long pips. Power forehand loops with low trajectory devastating chops come with ease.

The Maxi's patented square-corner cut shape design offers balance and stability.

Try Maxi today, for maximum - Speed, Spin, and Control.

Assembly Notes:  

The Maxi & Maxi 2 are the largest oversized blades on the market. Any Butterfly rubber will fit the Maxi blades from top to bottom. 

Should you, however choose another brand of rubber, it is possbile the cut will be an 1/8th to a 1/4 inch smaller than the blade face. In these cases, we recommend that when installing the rubber sheets, you do so from blade top to bottom, which will will ensure the blade top properly covered with rubber, while leaving a small gap of wood surface at the top of the handle.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Blade Face: 170mm wide, 175mm long
Thickness: 6MM
Weight: 109 Grams
Composition:? Five Wood, Two Carbon

About Maxi Pong: Maxi Pong and the creation of the Maxi blade rests with Mr. Richard Dawson, an avid club table tennis player, who was frustrated at the rigid conformity of all table tennis rackets.? Even oversized rackets, his preference, did not deviate far enough.? Richard, took matters into his own hands and developed and secured a design patent for Maxi.??

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