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Tibhar Table Tennis

Tibhar Quantum S - Table Tennis Inverted Rubber

Tibhar Quantum S - Table Tennis Inverted Rubber

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Tibhar Quantum S - an inverted rubber that puts the focus on catapult response at the precise moment of bat/ball contact.

Quantum and Quantum S will also allow you to keep the dynamics of your strokes even after switching over to plastic balls. The composition of the sponge produces fantastic playing sensation and a totally regular ball trajectory. Your strokes will be loaded with just the right amount of energy thanks to the perfect pimple/rubber partnership. Choose Quantum for a fast game and choose Quantum S for extra control and sensation.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Type: Smooth
Speed: 94/100
Spin: 97/100
Control: 73/100
Hardness: 45
Sponge Thickness: 1.8,2.0,Max

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