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TSP Table Tennis

TSP Texas Offensive - Offensive Table Tennis Blade

TSP Texas Offensive - Offensive Table Tennis Blade

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The TSP Texas Offensive is made of two Texalium layers. Great stability for offensive style.

TSP Texas The materials used in the new TSP Texas blade are, like the TSP HI-TEX blade, a light wooden middle layer combined with two Texalium layers. The Texalium layers give the blade the necessary stability and the essential power in offensive play, whereby good control at high speed is maintained. The bounce of the ball is extremely precise. The combination of two Texalium layers with a fine feeling middle layer has proved to be a success. However, some players have asked us if it would be possible to make a blade which is even lighter and a nuance faster. We think we have the answer in TSP Texas. The test results sound very promising.

85 +- 5 g
153mm 145mm 5.5mm 100mm 24mm
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