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Xiom - Offensive 2 Combo - Professional Table Tennis Racket

Xiom - Offensive 2 Combo - Professional Table Tennis Racket

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Xiom Offensive 2 Combo - Professional Table Tennis Racket. Power and Control. Xiom Zeta Offensive + Blade with World Class Tensor Vega Rubber Sheets


Looking for enhanced power in your shots, with spin and control? Then, this terrific light weight blade and rubber combination from Xiom is for you. The Xiom Zeta? is a classic five ply + two carbon offensive weapon that is armed to product great topspin loops, drives for the forehand, combined with precision all-round control rubber on the backhand. Step Up to the Olympic Sport of Table Tennis! This is a perfect combination for one who wants to elevate their game for now and later.

Specifications: Blade: Zeta Offensive + (choose between flared handle or straight handle - we recommend flare).

Forehand Rubber: Vega Pro Max Thickness, color Red

Backhand Rubber: Vega Europe 2.0 Thickness, color Black

The Xiom Zeta Offensive + is a precision high performance? 5 play 2 carbon blade,

We will make and assemble this blade for you by first adding a layer of top coat varnish to seal the wood and then affixing Vega Europe Max Thickness/ Black for the Forehand Side and Vega Elite 2.0 Thickness/Red for the Backhand Side. Then we will then cut the rubber and add fancy edge tape to the sides.

Presto! Your very own custom made table tennis racquet for the modern spin and drive game of table tennis.

Question? Why a custom made blade. Custom made blades enable one to change the rubber sheets when they wear out. Pre-Assembled racquets are manufactured so that when the rubber tears or wears out one throws out the entire blade. Over an extended time, a Custom Made blade is less expensive that a pre-assembled racquet, because one only has to replace the rubber topsheet and not the entire blade.

In this combination we have chosen the Offensive S blade because it is a terrific high performance blade that will respond to faster and tackier rubber sheets. Since you are already comfortable with driving and looping, we arm you with Vega Europe, a soft high spin high tension table tennis sponge, and Vega Elite. These rubber sheet will enable you to seamlessly produce forehand topspin rallies with precision backhand blocks and spins. Have questions? Please call us and we will help you select the best combination racquet and rubber for your game. Enjoy!

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