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Xiom - Offensive 3 Combo - Professional Table Tennis Racket

Xiom - Offensive 3 Combo - Professional Table Tennis Racket

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Xiom Offensive 3 Combo - Professional Table Tennis Racquet. Awesome Power and speed. Xiom Zeta Offensive + Blade with Xiom Sigma 2 Euro and Vega DF Euro Rubbers

Are you looking to take your polished game to the next level?

The Xiom Offensive 3 will make your power shots even more powerful. The Zeta Offensive S + is an outstanding "Offensive +" speed rated blade. Sigma II Euro Red is one of the faster rubbers on the planet. To keep your shots grounded, we have prudently placed Vega Euro DF Max on the backhand. Vega Euro is terrific a choice for the backhand. Step your game up!


Xiom Zeta Offensive+ Plus 5Ply + 2 Carbon Layers. Choose between Flare and Straight Handle

Forehand: Sigma Euro Black Max

Backhand: Vega Euro DF Red Max

This is a perfect combination for one who has put in the time and effort , has good strokes and ball contact and who want's to power up his or her game to the next level.

The V1 is a Offensive + precision high performance 5 play lightweight blade with two mesh layers of carbon to increase speed. The forehand rubber, Sigma 1 rubber is designed to produce maximum spin and drive upon contact. The backhand rubber is a slightly slightly more controllable rubber and will enable you to work into each and every point, giving your game versatility

We will make and assemble this blade for you by first adding a layer of TSP top coat varnish to seal the wood and then placing the pre-packaged forehand and backhand rubber to the wood blade. Then we will then cut the rubber and add fancy edge tape to the sides.

Presto! Your very own pro-tour made table tennis racquet designed to take you to the next level.

Have questions? Please call us and we will help you select the best combination racquet and rubber for your game. Enjoy!

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