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Andro Rasanter R45 - Table Tennis Rubber

Andro Rasanter R45 - Table Tennis Rubber

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Andro Rasanter R45 - Table Tennis Rubber

The Andro Rasanter R45 breaks with conventions, use the strengths of the Energy Cell technology: more power and quality in your strokes, high dynamics and longer ball contact feel. The Energy Cell sponge with its highly elastic cell structure ensures an extremely dynamic energy transfer for all topspin variations. Team up with the 48 sponge and its above-average optimal sweet spot.

The R rubber surface for maximum rotation gains additional impact by the Energy Cell sponge.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Speed: 96/100
Spin: 97/100
Control: 70/100
Hardness: Medium
Sponge Thickness: 1.7, 2.0, Ultramax
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