General Questions:  

  Qn. Will Coronavirus Delay My Order?

 Ans:  This is our post updated 03/20 9:00 PM

 March 20 Update - From Table Tennis Store - Coronavirus

 Health and Safety: The health and safety of our customers and our staff are of the utmost importance.  

  • High-Risk Group: If you are in a high-risk group, we encourage you to hang up the paddle for a few weeks.  
  • Call Us:  We have long term and new customers who often call us for advice, sometimes beyond equipment. We encourage you to continue to call. Table tennis is a social sport, and maybe we can fill in the gaps a little. We like the dialog!

Online Store:   TableTennisStore will remain open. But, you may experience temporary delays in receiving your order, through the transportation chain or via our order processing. If you need something turned around quickly, please leave us a note, call, or text us, and we will make sure to prioritize.

New York State Stay at Home Ordinance:  TableTennisStore will comply with New York State, Stay at Home Ordinance.  Accordingly, we have moved as much of our essential inventory "in house" were we can process orders to meet customer demands.  Most online orders will be efficiently dropped off into the postal service or UPS transportation stream.    Our staff is required  to stay home.  However, we are highly confident we can meet the daily order demand, including racket assembly.  We understand USA table tennis industry and markets and also have the capacity to drop ship certain items, if they will arrive to you faster.

Pro-Shop:  We operate inside the Westchester Table Tennis Center, and per New York State Ordinance, our pro shop is closed.

Final Words: Please follow us on facebook, Instagram, and youtube, and on click our front page from time to time, where we list monthly specials.   

Stay healthy!  And please follow the advice and instructions from your state and local authorities.  We are all in this together.  

Sincerely - TableTennisStore Staff

 Qn. Where can I find Promo-Codes?
Ans. We post promo codes on our front page.  They are typically in All Caps.  If your order is over $200.00 for items other than table tennis tables, you may call us to see if we can issue you a one-time personalized coupon code.   Any difficulties, please call us. 

Qn. Where is your store based at?
Ans. We're based in Irvington and Pleasantville NY in the United States Of America. Our office and pro-shop are located just outside New York city, in Westchester county. We primarily serve the customers in US and Canada. We also serve customers all over the world.  We have a pro shop at 175 Tompkins Avenue in Pleasantville NY and serve the Westchester Table Tennis Center.

Qn. How many employees do you have?
Ans. We're a privately-owned family business that employs Table Tennis coaches and athletes to assist us.  We currently have 8 part time and full time employees, including two back office employees who live and work in the Philippines. 

Qn. How many years of business experience do you have?
Ans. We have over 20 years of eCommerce experience, designing and architecting online stores.  We have opened the TableTennisStore.US on June 6, 2008.  

Qn. Can I trust the ratings of various table tennis products on this site?
Ans. We have tried our best and have spent many hours testing the table tennis products that you see on this site. We also have considered the ratings from the manufacturers. You can rely on our ratings, however we can't guarantee 100% accuracy. We will not be responsible if the product does not meet your requirements. The skill is very important in using the equipment to its potential. Please read our terms of use for more information.

Qn. How do I know that a product is available in your store?
Ans. Please check the inventory at the bottom of the product details page. If there is inventory of the product, you will see next to the stock. If there is no inventory available, you will also see that next to the stock.

Qn. I want a product in your store. But it says 'Back Order Now!'.
Ans. You can still order it from our store. It will be placed on a back order and will be shipped o you as soon as it is available. The usual wait time is between 2 weeks to 6 weeks.

Qn. Should I do anything to view the latest information on your site?
Ans. Our website is written for Internet Explorer Browser and Firefox on a Windows XP platform. You may experience problem on operating systems like Vista. Please clear your browser cache (available under TOOLS->INTERNET OPTIONS on IE) if possible. This will help you to download the latest information from our site.

Qn. Will I get my money back for a product that I've ordered and have not received yet?
Ans. Yes, we will refund your money. You just have to place a request via email. Please note that we will not be responsible for lost packages.

Qn. Can you assemble a racket for me?
Ans. Yes, we can assemble a racket for you. It is done free of charge.  You have to purchase two rubbers (red and black) and a blade / racket.  Please leave the information in the order notes.  We also recommend that you click on Racket Assembly and include it as a product in your check out.

Qn. What do you mean by sealing or priming the blade?
Ans. It is required to prime the table tennis blade to increase the strength of the outer layer wood fiber, better absorption of glue and easy removal of rubbers later. We use a special solution and put two layers of sealing on the blade for you for free. We'll do this only if you ask us to do.

Qn. Do you have a telephone number where I can call at?
Ans. The best way to reach us is through the text or email or email. We'll reply to your email within 24 to 48 hours. You can also call us at 914-873-0075.

Qn. I want to send a check, money order or do a western union transfer. Where will I send it?
Ans. The address where the check need to be sent is available on your invoice. Click here to see your orders.

Qn. How can I receive my invoice?
Ans. Login to your account to see your orders . You can print the invoice of your orders that you've placed before from the same page.

Qn. Why I have not received an invoice in the package that you've sent?
Ans. You can print the invoice from your account on our site. We're trying to be a paperless office. Click here to see your orders .

Qn. I have found some issues on your website. Where can I send my comments?
Ans. Please send your comments to orders@tabletennisstore.us 

Qn. What is the name I have to look for in the credit card statement to see my purchase from your store?
Ans. The purchases from our store will appear in your credit card statement as TT STORE.

Qn. Can I use someone else credit card?
Ans. You should use only your credit card. You should be the owner.

Order Processing Questions:  

Qn. Is there a limit to the amount of purchase that I can make?
There is no limit. Orders of amount $250 and above require you to call our office to confirm the order.

Qn. Why did your office cancel my order?
We have the right to cancel any order. This is due to various reasons like lack of inventory, fraudulent transactions etc... In such cases, we will refund the money back to the customer normally within 48 hours.

Pricing Questions:  

Qn. Is the pricing on your website fair, and as per the market condition?
Yes. The pricing on our website is fair and as per the manufacturers guidelines.

Qn. Will I receive the product from your website for the price advertised?
Yes. However, there are some exceptions. We update our website with new prices often. It will take time to reflect these changes on our website. You may order a product with an old price in the transition time. In the case of a price issue, we will inform you with the updated price after verifying your order. We may cancel your order if we can't help you.