We offer an excellent and reasonable return policy. If you are not satisfied with the product and it is not opened or used by you, just email or call us, and we will send a pre-paid return label.  

We offer our customers reasonable, practical, and appropriate solutions - consistent, and we believe, above industry standards.   

As we are a small to mid-sized business, we like to take a hands-on approach on all returns to understand why you are dissatisfied with the product. This approach helps us be better. Accordingly, we recommend that you email - or text or call 914-873-0075 and give us information.

There are some exceptions to our open philosophy on returns; so we urge you to read further - they are fair and practical:     

Table Tennis Shoes:   We ask that you, before purchase, measure the insole of your shoe from top to bottom and provide this measurement to us in the order notes. 

This measurement will help us validate that you have chosen the correct shoe size and lower the risk of having your shoe not sizing correctly. A win-win for you and us.  

Should a shoe be returned, our policy is:     

  • No Insole Measurement: $10 restocking fee and a free return label.  
  • Insole Measurement: $0 restocking fee and a free return label. 

Here is a video on how to measure your insole.  

Table Tennis Tables:  Once a table tennis table is purchased, delivered, and opened, it physically cannot be returned - as the manufacturer will not take back the table tennis table once the packaging is opened.    

If you no longer want the table you purchased, we will work with you on options, including -finding another buyer locally or donating the table.

If you elect to cancel the order once it has shipped, but before delivery, we ask that you assist us in paying for some of the incoming and outgoing shipping costs, which are expensive.  

If the table arrives damaged, we will seek and find a replacement table but will not have the capacity to return the damaged one. It will have to be thrown out or donated.    

Custom Made Rackets: Custom-made rackets are non-returnable and non-refundable. When ordering a custom-made racket, please make sure this is the racket you desire and give us accurate specifications. Should you not like your custom-made racket, we will help you sell it.  

Combo Specials: A combo special is recommended by us. Should you not like a combo special, we can take it back, provided it has only been used for a few minutes of play (it remains brand new). 



Returned goods are only allowed with proof of purchase and prior oral or written authorization accompanied by a RMA (Returned Merchandise Authorization) Number. Email, text or call us.  

Returned merchandise must be shipped with pre-paid label by USP, or UPS Mail to the address given to you when you receive your RMA Number from our office. Please note that we will issue the return label free of charge (except for the exceptions above).  

Return requests must be given to us within five days of the date of delivery. After that - all sales from our perspective are considered final.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to call us.