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Barna Original

Barna Original Super Glanti - Anti-Top Rubber

Barna Original Super Glanti - Anti-Top Rubber

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Barna Original Super Glanti - Anti Spin Table Tennis Rubber is new and comes with a friction less and very slick surface. With Super Glanti the opponent's rotation is switched to the opposite due to the ball mirrored through and being returned to the opponent. This creates spectacular spin variants and unusual ball trajectories.

The speed-absorbing sponge optimizes the control properties of this unique anti-spin rubber and even allows for interesting offensive shots.

The highest disruptive effect and the best spin reversal you get with Super Glanti in 0.8 mm while the 1.6 mm version is the slowest. In the middle, the 1.2 mm version is a perfect compromise.

A quick note on installation and care. Each Super Glanti comes with a free glue sheet. Please use this glue sheet for installation and follow the enclosed assembly instructions.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Speed: 20

Control: 110

Disruptive Effect: 105

Hardness: Medium-Defensive/Allround

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