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Butterfly Table Tennis

Butterfly Boll TJ - Youth Table Tennis Blade

Butterfly Boll TJ - Youth Table Tennis Blade

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The Butterfly Boll TJ is designed for developing and advanced players between 10 And 13 years old.

The Timo Boll TJ features a short, narrow grip that you can hold firmly. The medium head size makes the racket easy to swing. The Carbon inner core helps produce power.

This blade is recommended for athletes aged 10 to 13 who aim for the top!

Manufacturer Specifications:

Style: Attack
Reaction: 10.5
Vibration: 11.4
Blade Size: 154x146mm
Blade Thickness: 5.2mm
Plies: 3 Wood + 2 Carbon
Weight: ~70g
FL Handle Size: 95x21mm
Made in Japan

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