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Butterfly Table Tennis

Butterfly Dignics 05 - Offensive Table Tennis Rubber

Butterfly Dignics 05 - Offensive Table Tennis Rubber

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Butterfly Dignics 05 - Offensive Table Tennis Rubber

Butterfly Dignis O5 is the highly versatile offensive table tennis rubber that guides play to a more advanced level. Enhanced spring sponge and a uniquely composed top sheet are the formulae behind Dignics.

a) Topsheet: Dignis 05 provides great surface resistance, which creates the feeling of "holding" the ball on impact. With an established "05" pimple configuration that is already recognized as the world leader in producing speed and spin, the Dignis 05 top sheet takes Spin generation to new levels.
b) Sponge: The newly created Spring Sponge X is more elastic and produces more catapult on the ball contact.

The chances of the ball traveling in the direction of the produced stroke are increased with Dignics. Higher elasticity and strenghend abrasion on ball contact, produce a deeper landing zone on the table for topspin shots and counter loops. Additionally, Dignis 05 excels when delicate touch is applied, or playing with spin close to the table, such as when returning service with 'Banana Flip' or in counter topspin rallies.

For what kind of players is Dignics 05 Recommended? A player who:

1. Wishes to topspin attack strongly when receiving service.
2. Seeks to excel counter topspin play close to the table.
3. Seeks to drive topspin shots from all parts of the table tennis court.

After the introduction of the new abs 40+ plastic ball, more players feel a decrease in speed and difficulty to impart spin on the ball. Dignis 05 is the rubber to solve these problems.

Players using Dignics 05 as of February 1, 2019

Harimoto Tomokazu(Japan)
Timo Boll(Germany)
Lin Gaoyuan (China)
Wong Chun Ting (Hong Kong)
And many more of the World's best.

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