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Butterfly Table Tennis

Butterfly SK Carbon - Offensive Table Tennis Blade

Butterfly SK Carbon - Offensive Table Tennis Blade

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Butterfly SK Carbon Blade - A lightweight offensive table tennis blade.

The Butterfly SK Carbon Blade is Japanese made for offensive play. The two mesh plies of Tamca 5000 carbon stiffen the blade and give it a larger sweet spot. The outer layer wood give this blade a good feel. Thin and lightweight, this three ply wood blade plus 3 carbon layers is terrific for youth and players who seek a little extra power but don't want loss of control.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Reaction: 10.5
Vibration: 10.5
Composition: 3W + 2 T5000
Weight: 76g~
Blade Thickness: 5.2mm
Blade Size: 157x150mm
FL Handle Size: 100x24mm
ST Handle Size: 100x23mm
Country of Manufacturer: Japan

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