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Butterfly Table Tennis

Butterfly Tenergy 25- Old Packaging

Butterfly Tenergy 25- Old Packaging

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Powered by Spring Sponge Technology and with pimples of a larger diameter than other rubbers, Tenergy 25 creates dynamic attacks for close-to-the-table play.

(This product is being discounted because it's packaging was phased out in 2016.)

Tenergy is a revolutionary pimples-in rubber, it combines the original "Spring Sponge", first seen with Tenergy 05, with High Tension technology designed by Butterfly. Spring Sponge Technology is produced by the unique format of air bubbles within the sponge and the thin pimples of the highly flexible surface, enable dynamic topspin play with heavy rotation. Why 25? That was the code number used in the development stage and it proved to be the best for playing close to the table following extensive tests both in the lab and by players. Tenergy 25 enables the player to attack strongly with both spin and power whether near to the table or at half distance. It is the perfect answer for the player of today and tomorrow.


Class: Super Speed
Surface: Inverted
Speed: 13.25
Spin: 11.0
Density: 36

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