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Butterfly Table Tennis

Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC - Chinese Penhold

Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC - Chinese Penhold

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Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC - Chinese Penhold

Butterfly's Super ALC Viscaria CPEN Table Tennis Blade is the Chinese Penhold version of this fantastic blade.

The Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC blade is the latest innovation from Butterfly's famed R&D department. With increased power and softer touch, this update on the classic Viscaria blade creates new options for players from everywhere around the table.

This blade features the best from Butterfly's traditional Viscaria, ideal blade size, Koto outer ply, and balsa center ply. The Viscara Super ALC is the perfect offensive attack blade for today's modern game.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Reaction: 12.1
Vibration: 10.4
Plies: 5W+2SALC
Weight: ~86 grams
Blade Thickness: 5.7 mm
Blade Size:158x150 mm
Cpen Handle Size: 82x22 mm
Made in Japan

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