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der-materialspezialist - Destroyer- Allround Plus Blade

der-materialspezialist - Destroyer- Allround Plus Blade

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der-materialspezialist - Destroyer, is a high control, yet moderately fast blade.

Destroyer is a stiff ALL+ blade that possesses the following characteristics:

Destroyer enables a forceful offensive style through loops and shots, but can also be perfectly combined with pimples or antispin rubbers.

Destroyer is a 7-Ply racquet, 5 ply wood and two ply thin composite layers.

These composite layers assist in the slow down of the ball when blocking and counter hitting, but accelerate the speed of the ball when performing offensive strokes.

Destroyer is perfect in combination with long and short pimples and antispin rubbers for a offensive oriented disruptive style.

Despite a medium hard ball impact, a very high spin reversal can be achieved with Destroyer.

Destroyer: The perfect development for all players that require high speed for a forceful offensive style combining both loops, shots and disruptive strokes.

Der-materialspezialist Destroyer the blade of the Luxembourg junior national team player Luka Mladenovic.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Speed: 84/100

Control: 94/100

Weight: Approx. 85g

Rating: ALL+

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