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der-materialspezialist - Terror- Allround Table Tennis Blade

der-materialspezialist - Terror- Allround Table Tennis Blade

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der-materialspezialist TERROR - a revolutionary blade design to enhance the effectiveness of long pimple, short pimple and anti spin rubber surfaces.

TERROR enables perfect block and counter hit/ralley play and is designed for the modern all round short/long pimple and anti spin player.

Due to its unique veneer structure, this blade creates amazing spin reversal values and disruption effect when used with pimples and anti spin rubbers. When blocking with TERROR, a very low ball trajectory is created making it difficult for the opponent to attack again. Combined with offensive sponge, Terror, works like magic, producing great spin and control on one side and high disruption on the other.

der-materialspezialist TERROR: TERROR for your opponent!!

Manufacturer Specifications:

Blade: ALL
Blade Type: Allround
Blade Speed: 82/100
Blade Control: 94/100
Blade Weight: 81/100 (Approximate)
Handle Options: FL,ST

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