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der-materialspezialist TTR-Killer - Anti-Top

der-materialspezialist TTR-Killer - Anti-Top

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The TTR-Killer is a new Anti Top rubber that combines the destructive playing properties of long pimples and classic anti spin.

This is made possible by an extremely thin top rubber with very long inward-facing pimples, which represents a technical masterpiece in the production of table tennis rubbers.

The TTR-Killer creates an extremely flat ball trajectory and a strong dive of the ball, which is actually only known from long pimples.

Thanks to the classic anti-top formula, the TTR-Killer is insensitive to rotation and, in combination with the high-tech sponge used, has the highest control values ??and fantastic ball feedback.

In thinner sponge thicknesses, theTTR-Killer is ideal for safe play at the table as well as in classic defense and creates a short, very flat and unpleasant ball trajectory with unpredictable cutting variations.

As the sponge strength increases, the TTR-Killer develops its full offensive potential and poses major problems for the opponent thanks to the integrated disruptive effect combined with the massive diving of the ball.

the material specialist TTR-Killer: become a TTR points killer too!

Product features:

Tempo: 89
Control: 94
Disruptive effect: 97
Degree of hardness: medium
Suitability: Defensive / All-round / Offensive

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