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DHS (Double Happiness)

DHS 2-Star 40+ - Plastic Table Tennis Balls

DHS 2-Star 40+ - Plastic Table Tennis Balls

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Double Happiness 2-Star 40+ - 2-star plastic (poly) 10-pack practice ball.

Made in China by premier table tennis company - Double Happiness. The DHS 2 star training ball is packaged in boxes of 10 balls. White only. Great for multi-ball training

What is a plastic poly ball? In 2014, the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) mandated that all international competitions use plastic table tennis balls or poly balls. The deadline for the use of the plastic ball was July 1, 2014, and the Belarus Open was the first event to use the plastic ball. From that point on, all World Title and ITTF sanctioned events will use the plastic ball. Most National Federations, including the USA Table Tennis and Canadian Table Tennis Association, have followed by requiring their National Events to use the new plastic ball.

The reason behind the switch to the plastic ball is two-fold. Initially, the reason given was that celluloid is increasingly becoming difficult and expensive to obtain, due to dangers in production and increasing regulatory restrictions. However, ITTF president Adham Sharara revealed in an interview in February 2014 that another purpose was to slow down the game. The 40+ plastic polly ball is fractionally larger, 40mm + as opposed to 40mm minus with the old ball. Also the surface of the new ball is slightly smoother, resulting in less spin produced.


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