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Donic Table Tennis

Donic Appelgren Dotec Control

Donic Appelgren Dotec Control

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The last word in control and accuracy! Easily controlled, and good feel, this blade is ideal for the player who wants more ball control without losing the speed necessary for attacking. Dotec fiber is placed between a limba cover and an ayous inner ply. Middle core consists of a Dotec balsa layer. Available in Left-handed or Right-handed versions.

Donic's Dotec technology produces optimum control and exceptional feel. The unique handle fits comfortably into your hand, resulting in perfect harmony between you and the blade, as well as superb touch.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Blade: ALL+
Blade Type: Allround plus
Blade Speed: 79/100
Blade Control: 76/100
Blade Weight: 70/100 (Approximate)
Plies: 7 All Wood
Blade Thickness: 7.4
Handle Options: Left, Right

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