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Nava Table Tennis

Donier RR Plus Offensive Oversized Table Tennis Blade

Donier RR Plus Offensive Oversized Table Tennis Blade

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Donier RR Plus Offensive Oversized Table Tennis Blade - An oversized blade designed to produce power and spin shots in the modern day plastic ball era.

The Donier RR + is specifically designed for taller table tennis players seeking an offensive oversized solution. Named after former world class player, Robert Roberts, the RR+ is a European hardwood 5 ply offensive blade whose blade head is 15% larger than the standard table tennis racket. Additionally the blade handle is longer to comfortably accommodate a larger hand.

This blade is designed in partnership with Robert Roberts and the expert technicians of Nava Table Tennis, a leading European blade manufacturer.

The Donier RR+ is crafted to give larger and stronger table tennis players the needed blade head size to play a mid-range offensive game with power, without sacrificing the near table, serve, serve return and touch play. It is perfectly balanced, and possesses a combination, power, feel and longer than normal drag time, for spin.

The RR+ is sold exclusively at TableTennisStore.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Blade Head: 157 cm wide, 160 cm tall

Handle Length: 105 cm

Wood: 5 Ply European Hard Wood

Weight: 190 +/-3

Handle Type: Flare

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