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Gambler Aces Pro Competitor - Table Tennis Rubber

Gambler Aces Pro Competitor - Table Tennis Rubber

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Gambler Aces Pro Competitor Rubber - a medium aggressive attack rubber for players who wish to use heavy spin and is suitable for close attack.

Aces Pro competitor series designed for the post 2016 era where the plastic 40+ ball is the standard.

  • Perfect harmony of light tack and mechanical spin.
  • Quick settle in period, optimal playing attributes after a very short period.
  • Very light!! The lightest uncut sheet of 2.1 mm sponged rubber we have ever carried (51g+-3)
  • Deep Power for a feather weight rubber.
  • Stacked ICMS large pore sponge fantastic with or without oil based tuners.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Sponge: 2.1 mm Stacked ICMS large pore ultra light (mid soft)
Speed: 92
Spin: 95
Control: 88

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