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Gambler DJ Fly

Gambler DJ Fly

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DJ Fly 7 ply is designed for players who want a fast all wood blade while maintaining a respectable level of control and feeling. This is a top quality professional blade with an outer ply of limba and inner plys of alternating ayous. DJ Fly comes with a light hand lacquer finish to prevent splintering between rubber changes.

Speed: 89 (OFF)
Ply: 7 wood
Weight: 84 grams+-4
Thickness: 6.65mm+-.2
Head width: 151mm+-2
Head height: 161mm+-2

Note: Comparable to the Clipper and W7. DJ Fly is Faster than the Clipper but with lighter weight and more control than the W7. The arrangement of lumber allows for increased dwell time while maintaining an authoritative feeling of power. (It is very likely this blade is way too cool for you!)

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