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Gambler Fire Dragon Touch Penhold Blade

Gambler Fire Dragon Touch Penhold Blade

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Gambler Fire Dragon Touch Penhold Blade

This blade has 2 layers of proprietary high modulus carbon interwoven with multi stranded tempered filament, (F.L.C.). F.L.C. expands the optimal striking surface and gives the blade optimum flex recovery even at the highest professional levels all while maintaining touch and feel.

The outer layers of this blade are high grade Limba and Koto, with the inner layers of multi stranded tempered filament carbon, (F.L.C.). This blade is a very nimble blade with notable flex and kick.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Speed: 81(OFF)
Ply: 5 wood + 2 F.L.C.
Flex: mid high
Weight: 81 grams+-2
Thickness: 5.75mm+-.2
Head width: 151mm+-2
Head height: 161mm+-2

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