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Gambler Oh-Toro Sponge - Bottom Sheet

Gambler Oh-Toro Sponge - Bottom Sheet

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Gambler Oh-Toro Sponge - Bottom Sheet

Gamber Oh-Toro Sponge is a high bounce premium Japanese sponge. This product represents the bottom sheet of an inverted rubber and does not include the topsheet. Customers who bought this product will need to affix their own rubber topsheet to the sponge with a glue sheet or ITTF approved glue. Each is sold separately.

Oh-Toro Sponge is manufactured in Japan at the top sponge factory, which is also responsible for manufacturing other premium sponges. With a 37+-2 hardness and a modern light cell structure, the sponge is responsive.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Thickness: 0.6, 1.0, 1.5 millimeter

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