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Gambler Reflectoid (SG) Defensive - Offensive Table Tennis Rubber

Gambler Reflectoid (SG) Defensive - Offensive Table Tennis Rubber

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Reflectoid (SG) high control, spin creating, defensive ? offensive rubber.

Refectoid SG is designed for high control blocking, placement and chopping. This rubber has the ability to generate spin and counter attack previously only found in rubbers designed for attack. Reflectiod will reflect your opponents shots with ease and precision.

This rubber-sheet is excellent for players who do not want to sacrifice the ability to attack with spin, yet desire defensive properties. Refectiod SG has a tacky top-sheet and a very soft and light sponge undercoat. The result leads to effortless blocking of even the hardest ripped loops. This rubber will cause your opponent to occasionally misread the spin as flat kills go dead like anti, and misread the pace, the ball comes back slower than expected.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Speed: 30/100

Spin: 70/100

Control: 99/100

Deception: 20/100

Sponge Type: Soft + (Energy absorbing)

Available in Black/Red; 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 millimeter thickness. Approval: ITTF Approved

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