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Gambler Zen - All Plus Five Ply Table Tennis Racquet

Gambler Zen - All Plus Five Ply Table Tennis Racquet

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Gambler Zen - Offensive Control, a finely balanced, all plus rated table tennis blade.

The Gambler Zen is a 5 ply all around wood blade designed to create balance between control and attack. Zen features top quality ayous outer layers and a kukui wood core. With a soft feeling and moderate flexibility Zen makes it easy to steer the ball to proper places on the table. Zen comes with a light hand lacquer finish to prevent splintering between rubber changes.

This is an ideal blade for those seeking to enter the modern sport of table tennis and to have their first custom made racquet.

Manufacturer specifications:

. Speed: 70 (ALL)

. Ply: 5 wood

. Weight: 82 grams+-2

. Thickness: 5.71 mm+-2

. Head width: 151 mm+-2

. Head height: 161 mm+-2

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