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GEWO Aruna All Plus Table Tennis Blade

GEWO Aruna All Plus Table Tennis Blade

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GEWO Aruna All Plus Table Tennis Blade

The Gewo Aruna Allround Plus Carbon Blade is designed for a versatile all-around player who seeks control and extended dwell time on the racket. This blade uses thin plies and is stabilized by two carbon plies. The carbon plies expand the sweet spot of the racket giving it consistency throughout. The Aruna All Plus is a perfect blade for the developing player or the defensive specialist seeking to maximize spin and deception.

The African legend trusts Gewo! Where Quadri Aruna hits, there are great rallies and spectacular rallies inevitable. The multiple African Cup winner knows how to inspire the audience with his athletic game.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Approximate weight: 90g
Speed: 86
Control: 97
Playing style: All+
Layers: 3+2

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