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GEWO nanoFLEX FT48 - Table Tennis Rubber

GEWO nanoFLEX FT48 - Table Tennis Rubber

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GEWO nanoFLEX FT48 - Table Tennis Rubber

This is the hardest and fastest version with the highest dynamics. A rubber developed for top-level professional players who want to win the point with aggressive attacking. Top spins of your opponent can be answered with hard and dangerous counter spins. Despite a tremendous catapult production nanoFLEX FT48 offers utmost control normally seemed unreachable for a rubber of this category. nanoFLEX FT48 an explosive weapon to give your opponent the shivers.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Speed: 120
Control: 91
Spin: 115
Sponge hardness: Hard
Thickness: 1.9,2.1 mm

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