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Gewo Sensus Powerfeeling Hype Combination Special

Gewo Sensus Powerfeeling Hype Combination Special

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GEWO Sensus Powerfeeling Hype Combination Special


GEWO Sensus Powerfeeling Hype Combo Special?

The GEWO Sensus Powerfeeling Hype Combo Special is a high powered offensive racket that produces super spin shots and high-powered drives.? This racket combination is created for the professional table tennis player and aspiring developing player.??


Blade - Sensus Powerfeeling all wood table tennis racket.? The Powerfeeling is a fast five-ply made with European hardwood.? Weight 87-91 grams.?

Forehand Rubber - GEWO Hype KR 47.5 degree hardness.? This rubber is explosive, high speed and spin.? Designed with the help of Korean Table Tennis Legend - Yoo Nam Kyu, this rubber topsheet has super elasticity and spin.? ?Rubber thickness will be 2.1.

Backhand Rubber - GEWO Hype 42.5 - thickness.? The Hype 42.5 is a soft feel, high control, and spin table tennis rubber - great for spin and touch shots.? ? Rubber thickness will be 2.1.??

Combined Blade Weight - 189 Grames +/- 5grams. A nicely weighted power racket with super-power and all wood control.

Minor Changes:? Contact us by phone, text or email if you wish to place different HYPE Rubber thickess or color combinations - same price, but subject to inventory availability.??

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