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JOOLA Table Tennis

JOOLA Challenger Carbon - Table Tennis Blade

JOOLA Challenger Carbon - Table Tennis Blade

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JOOLA Challenger Carbon - Table Tennis Blade

Joola Challenger Carbon is a five-ply plus two-carbon layer blade.

Lightweight and only 5.8 mm thick, the JOOLA Challenger Carbon is the perfect blade for loopers. The two carbon layers help increase the blade's sweet spot and stability. The soft Ayous outer surfaces create an elastic effect that balances the stiffness of the other plies with more control and pleasing touch. Combined with the hard middle veneers, the JOOLA Challenger Carbon has the stiffness needed to produce extra speed.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Strategy: Allround, Offensive-
Plies: 7
Speed: Fast, Extreme
Touch: Hard
Material: Fiber-reinforced wood
Technology: Carbon
Speed: 97
Control: 76
Weight: 90g

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