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JOOLA Table Tennis

Joola Dynaryz AGR Offensive Table Tennis Rubber

Joola Dynaryz AGR Offensive Table Tennis Rubber

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Joola Dynaryz AGR Offensive Table Tennis Rubber

Joola Dynarz AGR combines high traction rubber surface with a hard sponge to dethrone the competition. The hard sponge adds a new dimension of aggression for all your shots. Premium Quality, the Dynarz series is designed and manufactured in Germany and embodies JOOLA decades-old commitment to quality and innovation.

Table Tennis professionals choose Dynaryz AGR table tennis rubber to enhance their games. If your game is ready for the highest caliber of play, then the JOOLA Dynaryz AGR is for you. The new signature purple hard Hyperbounce sponge is the key to the fantastic dynamics of this rubber. Combined with the high traction aurface, the precision and quality of every shot will be unprecedented. Harness the power of the JOOLA Dynaryz AGR Table Tennis rubber for an unrivaled game!

Hyperbounce Sponge - The vibrant purple of the Hyperbounce Sponge symbolizes the immense energy this sponge brings to your game. This ground-breaking sponge is engineered to minimize any kinetic energy loss. The result is an incredibly dynamic sponge that injects power into each stroke for long trajectory shots.

Enhanced Traction Surface - Designed to enhance the dynamic friction between the ball and the rubber surface to prevent the ball from sliding, the Enhanced Traction Surface technology allows players to deliver controlled hits and spins.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Speed: 130
Spin: 129
Hardness: 52.5
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