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JOOLA Table Tennis

JOOLA Dynaryz CMD - Offensive Table Tennis Rubber

JOOLA Dynaryz CMD - Offensive Table Tennis Rubber

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JOOLA Dynaryz CMD - Offensive Table Tennis Rubber

Joola Dynaryz CMD rubber provides the touch, control, and precision you would expect from a medium-soft rubber, but with unprecedented performance standards only made possible by JOOLA?s latest advances. Featuring the Dynaryz line?s signature Hyper Bounce sponge and Advance Traction Surface technology, you?ll be able to generate fast, high-quality shots with added spin and dynamics. Stay in the lead with the JOOLA Dynaryz CMD!

JOOLA Premium Line rubbers are the best of the best and utilize the latest state-of-the-art technologies. These rubbers are used by professionals in the pinnacle of the sport.

Signature Hyper Bounce:
HYPER BOUNCE SPONGE: The Hyper Bounce Sponge retains massive amounts of potential energy, which is released up ball contact for explosive power.

Dynamic Design:
DYNAMIC PIPS GEOMETRY: This design combines smaller pips with a thicker sponge to create a massive ball rebound effect.

OPTIMIZED PORE SIZE: The medium-large pores of the Hyper Bounce sponge allow energy to be transferred efficiently to create increased spin and speed.

Precision with Advanced Traction Surface:
The high-friction Advanced Traction Surface prevents the ball from slipping and creates clean, direct ball contact. With the resulting increase in control, you?ll be able to easily and reliably manipulate the angle of your shots to suit your exact strategy.


Pips height: 0.9 mm
Pips width: 1.7 mm
Pips spacing: 0.6 mm
Speed 8/10
Spin? 10/10
Trajectory? 8.5/10
Precision? 10.5/10

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