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JOOLA Table Tennis

JOOLA Rhyzen Fire - Performance Offensive Table Tennis Rubber

JOOLA Rhyzen Fire - Performance Offensive Table Tennis Rubber

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Joola Rhyzen Fire - Performance Offensive Table Tennis Rubber

Jola Rhyhzen Fire is the rubber choice to add flame to your shots. Rhyzen Fire is a modern offensive rubber geared to produce spin and speed . With its medium-soft sponge, the Rhyzen fire combines a medium sponge sheet with a high-trajectory rubber topsheet? ?Speed and spin! Select Rhyzen Fire for the forehand and Ice for the backhand.??

Add a flame to your game with this latest-generation offensive rubber. Geared for an intricate balance of power and spin, the JOOLA Rhyzen Fire combines a medium sponge and offers a high ball trajectory for heavy topspin and power looping. The Sweetzone technology ensures a consistent ball bounce, feeling, exceptional control for your offensive strokes, and agility for subtle plays in serve and return.?

It?s time to turn up the heat on your opponents with the JOOLA Rhyzen Fire!

With a particularly forgiving bounce behavior, Joola's Sweetzone technology increases the optimal hitting area on the rubber. The rubber creates pleasant ball feedback and a long dwell time.?

Manufacturer Specifications:

Ratings & Specs
Speed: 8
Class: Performance
Tech: Sweet Zone
Spin: 9
Sponge: Momentum
Pip Height: 0.9mm
Trajectory: 6.5
Surface: Enhanced
Pip Width: 1.6mm
Precision: 8.5
Hardness: Medium+
Pip Spacing: 0.6mm

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