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Juic Table Tennis

JUIC T+ PV - Table Tennis Rubber

JUIC T+ PV - Table Tennis Rubber

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Juic Juic T+ PV (Power Version) - is made to optimize play for the new plastic ball.

The Juic T+, with its elasticity and softness, withholds the new ball at the impact, and spins and stabilizes the stroke with the arch of the ball. This speedy-allround rubber leads the way into the plastic ball table tennis of the future.

The general characteristics of the new plastic ball is 1) less deformation of the ball at impact, and 2) less spin. With the classic approach, the spin factor is mostly high-lighted to the rubber sheet. But with the change of the ball material, it is now critical to analyze the spin factor with a total topsheet and sponge approach. This is what Juic has done with the T+ rubber.

The Juic T+ PV is the "Power Version" with harder sponge for the power player.

The Juic T+ FV is the "Flex Version" with softer sponge for the power spin player.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Type: Smooth
Speed: 97/100
Spin: 89/100
Control: 69/100
Hardness: tba
Sponge Thickness: 2.0,Max

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