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Maxi Pong

Maxi Pong - Maxi 2 Offensive Blade

Maxi Pong - Maxi 2 Offensive Blade

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Maxi Pong - Maxi 2 Offensive Blade

Maxi Spin, Maxi Power, Maxi Control. The perfectly weighted oversized blade for offense and defense

Maxi 2 has all the beautiful features of the original maxi blade, with power, spin, speed, and control.

Maxi 2 is designed using the famous Golden Design Ratio 275/170=1.62. The 1.62 ratio gives the Maxi 2 blade the power, touch, stability, control, and performance needed for today's modern game.

This blade has a patented design. Its shape, weight, and aerodynamics optimize performance and will help elevate your game. The open neck enables a raised forefinger placement for enhanced control over the racket head.

Assembly Notes:

The Maxi & Maxi 2 are the largest oversized blades on the market. Any Butterfly rubber will fit the Maxi blades from top to bottom. 

Should you, however choose another brand of rubber, it is possbile the cut will be an 1/8th to a 1/4 inch smaller than the blade face. In these cases, we recommend that when installing the rubber sheets, you do so from blade top to bottom, which will will ensure the blade top properly covered with rubber, while leaving a small gap of wood surface at the top of the handle.


Manufactuer Specifications: 

Blade Face: 170MM Wide and 170MM Long. Total length top to bottom with handle 275MM
Thickness: 5.5MM
Weight: 92 Grams
Composition: Five Wood and 2 Carbon Enjoy the Video

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