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Nava Table Tennis

NTT Atemi 1000 Pro Flared Five Ply Pre Assembled Table Tennis Racket

NTT Atemi 1000 Pro Flared Five Ply Pre Assembled Table Tennis Racket

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NTT Atemi 1000 Pro able Tennis Racket with offensive drive rubber and speed wood.


The NTT Atemi 1000  Pro 5 Ply European hardwood blade assembled with two sheets of Atemi Ippon competition rubber in the 2.0 millimeter thickness. The racket is highly versatile and designed for the serious competitive player looking to elevate his or her game. The 2.0 millimeter sponge provides great offensive shot making capabilities.

The NTT Atemi  Pro 100 0is manufactured with APS, a wood cutting and gluing process designed to enhance blade flexibility and ball rebound on contact. Each Atemi 1000 handle is cut Anatomical style and  has unique open oval cuts in the side of the handle for increase ball feel and control play.

Atemi 1000 Manufacturer Specifications

Speed: 93/100

Spin: 92/10

Control: 90/100

Handle Type: Flare (thinner center))

International Table Tennis Federation Seal of Approval.

The Manufacturer: Narva Table Tennis (NTT) is a highly regarded Estonian manufacturer of table tennis racquets and supplies. The company produces wide range of professional line of racquets and rubber top-sheets under the Donier Brand, as well as a complete line of ready to use pre-assembled racquets under the Atemi label.

Established in 1987, NTT has mastered the wood and rubber production needed to make high quality table tennis supplies. All Donier and Atemi racquets are made with special Nordic woods that are machine manufactured to perfection in the NTT factory. NTT, through its engineering department, has designed and produced high quality rubber topsheets to serve today�s fast pace modern game. All NTT�s high end rubber sheets are approved by the International Table Tennis Federation for tournament play.

Looking for a quality European made table tennis racquet. Consider NTT.


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