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OEM Racket Paint Sheet - Penhold Paddles

OEM Racket Paint Sheet - Penhold Paddles

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OEM Racket Paint Sheet - Penhold Paddles

Official Tournament Rules, USATT and ITTF, require that a paddle has red on one side and black on the other.

These paint sheets are for any player who uses rubber on just one side of the paddle, typically a Chinese or Japanese Penhold style. OEM stands for Originial Equipment Manufacturer, or Generic, non branded product.

These paint sheets come in a square with adhesive on the backside for easy assembly. Peel the paper off, stick it to your blade, then trim around the edge.

If you are buying a paddle and need us to assemble the paint sheet, just click the racket assembly product option or leave us a note in the order notes at check out.

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