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Practice Partner 20 Table Tennis Robot

Practice Partner 20 Table Tennis Robot

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The Practice Partner 20 Table Tennis robot is a compact, easy to use, fun to play, lightweight robot.

Details: The Practice Partner 20 is great for all levels of table tennis play. It is quick and easy to assemble and rests directly on the tabletop The ball feeding unit is made of alloy with resistant rubber which stabilizes the ball direction and placement The simple control box is easy to understand

It can produce topspin, backspin or sidespin balls; serves (2 bounces) or returns (1 bounce) Speed settings range from 1-9 Frequency settings range from 1-9, producing 25-80 balls per minute Balls can be fixed to land in one or two locations or can oscillate Oscillation can be set to approximately the following : � table, � table, � table or full table Pause button allows you to catch your breath during a given sequence Adjust the trajectory to simulate a low serve or high return Ball hopper holds ~200 balls Weighs just 15 pounds so it is easy to transport 1-Year Warranty

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