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Re-Impact - Tachi - Mid-Sized Defensive Blade

Re-Impact - Tachi - Mid-Sized Defensive Blade

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Re-Impact Tachi - World class touch racquet for spin-drive forehand and close to the table backhand precision play.

The Tachi is a custom made combination racquet, designed to produce faster shots on the forehand and slower spinny low arc returns on the backhand. The racquet weighs just 60 grams, yet is 9mm thick, almost twice a thick as a typical table tennis blade.

The forehand is rated all+ for speed and consists of four thin wooden plies providing high control and spin, and medium high speed.

The backhand is rated def + and consists of a thick balsa ply and a very thin wooden outer ply providing low speed, high control. The softness of the wood is ideal for creating high spin-reversal on ball brush yet significant speed on solid ball contact. This is because the blade has the unique characteristic of having soft wood but significant stiffness.

This blade is custom made and manufactured one at time. TableTennisStore.US stocks right handed blades. If you are left handed, please allow 3 weeks for delivery. Priority Shipped from Germany to TableTennisStore.US. Free assembly and advice provided. Call us!

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Re-Impact Blades are slightly a-symmetric for balance and reduced wind resistance when swung. Thus they come in Right or Left handed versions.

Playing Style:

The Taichi compliments players and athletes who play close to the table with long-pimple or short pimple backhand block and an inverted control offense forehand.

About Re-Impact:

Re-Impact Blades are custom manufactured individually with German Know-How and Precision. No production lines, just care and thought. The blades have some unique characteristics that make them different from other table tennis blades:

1. Light Weight:

2. Thickness:

3. Asymmetry:

Re-Impact is owned by master craftsman, Achim Rendler. He and his brother built the company and have gained respect in Germany and world-wide for their quality craftsmanship.

A Re-Impact Blade is almost twice as thick as any other table tennis blade on the market. Most Re-Impact Blades have a high concentration of balsa, a light weight wood that is known in table tennis circles for its soft feel, and long drag time (enhanced spin). Combined with patented gluing process and a slightly asymmetric shape (to reduce air flow resistance), and these blades carry unique and favorable properties.

The Rendler Brothers have designed a line up of Impact Re Blades that fit a wide variety of styles, including possibly yours. Re-Impact blades revolve around for main variables.

1. Blade speed - Each Re-Impact Blade has a different blade speed for the forehand verses the backhand.

2. Drag Time - By varying the wood and ply thickness, the Rendler Brothers can produce blades with different ball "drag time". Long drag time, suits off the table play and longer strokes. Short drag time (high rebound), suits close to the table play.

3. Size: Re-Impact blade is offered in three sizes - Standard, Mid-Sized, Oversized. Standard size blade head is 152 cm high and 157 cm wide, Mid-Sized is 162 cm by 162 cm, Oversize is 166 by 162 cm

Please note that these blades are highly customized and are primarily suited for experienced players seeking to elevate their game by finding a customized light weight racquet.

Before you buy a Re-impact blade, we encourage you to visit this link and click on the users guide PDF.

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