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REFLEX SPORTS Table Tennis Beyond Imagination - Table Tennis Video

REFLEX SPORTS Table Tennis Beyond Imagination - Table Tennis Video

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"I received Beyond Imagination TT in DVD last week. I am very satisfied. Picture quality is very good. You are the No.1 creator of table tennis videos in the world. Every time I see your video, I feel emotion and excitement. Thank you again."
Jota Ito (Japan)

The Best Shots! 
The Best Players! 
The Best Finishes! 
The must-have ultimate highlight DVD, featuring the best from over 500 hours of footage of  INTERNATIONAL WORLD-CLASS COMPETITION...1985-2000 
You must see it to believe it!

See this sport as you've never seen it before!
Whether you're an avid player, a beginner or a potential fan of this Olympic sport, you'll be amazed, captivated and inspired by the skill and athleticism revealed in this DVD!

Unique Shot Segments
All-out attacking and counter-attacking... Devastating backhand swat kills...diving returns... Back-to-the barrier acrobatic retrieving... Wicked hook-around-the-net shots and the most unusual moments of the era.

Custom music to enhance the viewing experience!
As you watch and study the greatest stars in recent memory, you will not only learn to improve your game, but you will also appreciate the sport as never before!

Top 40 Points with Countdown of the Top 10 and slo-mo replay of nearly every point !
We're certain that this count-down of the very best points of the era may prove controversial, since the choices of our panel of experts and laymen were subjective. One thing we're certain of, however---you will treasure this collection of the best-of-the best, and you will enjoy sharing it with those non-believers who can't imagine the incredible play in this DVD until they see it for themselves! They will have new respect for you as a player of this sport!

Special feature...Sweden vs China
The decades-long rivalry between the Titans of Team Table Tennis. This feature shows the two teams battling for dominance in World Championship Team events in the years 1985-2000.

Classic Finishes!
The most exciting, well played and dramatic finishes of the era.

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