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Sauer & Troger

Sauer & Troger Black & White - Allround Table Tennis Blade

Sauer & Troger Black & White - Allround Table Tennis Blade

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Sauer & Troger Black & White - Allround Table Tennis Blade


Maximum spin with the new plastic balls/ Perfectly matched to pimple and anti-spin rubbers/ Light weight. Enjoy playing with this light-weight 7-ply combination blade, which matches perfectly with pimple and anti-spin rubbers, and can produce maximum spin with the new plastic balls. The forehand side in rated in speed ALL+ to OFF-, the backhand side ALL. You will feel immediately how comfortable and safe you can play with this blade, but also how dangerous it can be to your opponent. This blade is ideally suited to players who vary the speed and spin of the game, or play a disruptive strategy with pimples or anti-spin on one side, and a more offensive and spinny rubber on the other side.


The Black & White is with approx. 67 grams an absolute lightweight among the table tennis blades. It actively protects your wrist and prevents tennis elbow.
During the development we took care that the 7-layer combination blade harmonizes very well with pimples rubbers. The speed of the forehand side is between allround-plus and offensive-minus. The backhand side is in the allround range. You will immediately feel how pleasantly safe and dangerous the blade plays.

Manufactuer Specifications:

1+2 Layer: Koto
3+5 Layer: Black Coth
4+6 Layer: Balsa
7 Layer: Limba

  • Speed: Forehand: 86 Backhand: 79
  • Control: Forehand: 84 Backhand: 91
  • Weight: about 67 g.
  • Veneers: 7 units
  • Measures: 15.3 cm x 15.1 cm (height x width)
  • Game system: ALL+

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