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Stiga Cybershape Carbon CWT Truls Edition

Stiga Cybershape Carbon CWT Truls Edition

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The Stiga Cybershape family welcomes the new Cybershape Carbon CWT Truls Edition!

A blade with the same superior characteristics as the Cybershape Carbon CWT, but this time, it?s been developed in cooperation with Truls M?reg?rdh. The result is an upgraded design and specific weights of 3, 6, and 9 grams that are named for Truls?s three favourite shots: his chop block, backhand push, and forehand slap. The weights are easily attached to the bottom of your paddle thanks to magnets inside the handle. This allows you to tailor your paddle and find the perfect characteristics for your own play.

The Stiga Cybershape Carbon CWT Truls Edition is a 5+2-ply blade based on CCF technology (Close Core Fiber), which means that the carbon-fiber layer is applied directly on top of the wood core. This gives you more control while you also benefit from the carbon-fiber speed. The lightweight, technologically advanced carbon fiber also gives the blade more speed without sacrificing balance.

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