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Stiga Table Tennis

Stiga Cybershape Carbon - Offensive Table Tennis Blade

Stiga Cybershape Carbon - Offensive Table Tennis Blade

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The Stiga Cybershape is a seven-sided polygon blade unique to the table tennis world. The Cybershape possesses slightly different ball play characteristics than a traditional round table tennis blade; and is a must-try for offensive table tennis players.


  • The hitting area is 11% larger.
  • Blade with flat edge allows one to get the blade head lower on the table for power short ball service returns.
  • Lightweight Carbon ply is offset by a larger playing surface, giving the blade power and a fast robust top-heavy feel executing off-the-table offensive shots.

The Stiga Cybershape is a 5+2-ply blade based on CCF (Close Core Fibre) technology, which means that the carbon layer sits directly on top of the wood core. The result is more control and speed in your game.

Using the lightweight and technologically advanced, German-made carbon fiber composite, Stiga can offset its weight, so although Cyberspace has a larger surface area than a regular blade. Manufacturer internal tests reveal that the Stiga Cybershape has a more prominent sweet spot that lies further out on the blade when compared with a regular-shaped racket. The frequency response is also more linear, which means the vibrations are transported differently to the handle and hand.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Speed: 145

Control: 45

Class: Offensive Plus

Weight (g): 85

Layers: 5+2

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