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Stiga Table Tennis

Stiga Inspira Hybrid Carbon Penhold- Offensive Plus Table Tennis Blade

Stiga Inspira Hybrid Carbon Penhold- Offensive Plus Table Tennis Blade

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Stiga Inspira Hybrid Carbon Penhold – a well-balanced blade for offensive players!

The specially treated fibers in the Inspira Hybrid Carbon blade create a completely new experience and feel on impact with the ball. Hybrid Carbon consists of two fiber materials and their synergy builds higher bounce while maintaining flexibility. The hybrid material is located directly beneath the outer layer of Koto veneer, offering excellent control while also providing significant power in your attacks. In contrast with traditional table-tennis blades, this specially treated material also creates a cleaner ball impact.

This fusion of the outer layer and core increases the duration of contact between the ball and the rubber (dwell time) and gives you added control and feel during critical moments of play and tough duels. The second layer creates a well-balanced yet offensive blade that offers a higher ball trajectory.

In other words, this is a powerful blade that’s easy to control, tailormade for players who want to put the pressure on opponents with plenty of powerful backhand and forehand shots.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Brand: Stiga
Class: Offensive Plus
Speed: 95/100
Control: 64/100
Blade Weight: 87 grams
Material: Wood + Composite
Type: 2-Side

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