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Tibhar Table Tennis

Tibhar Fortino Pro - Offensive Table Tennis Blade

Tibhar Fortino Pro - Offensive Table Tennis Blade

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Tibhar Fortino Pro - Offensive Table Tennis Blade

The Tibhar Fortino Pro Table Tennis Blade with Dyneema carbon fiber has set the bar at a new high in table tennis blade production. The use of this unique fabric provides the best value in terms of bend-resistance and hardness. "Ultra-light - super strong," the strength to weight ratio makes the Dyneema fiber the most durable fiber in the world and consequently provides extreme stability. Also, vibration is reduced to a minimum, the sweet spot of the blade is dramatically increased and in conjunction with the selected blade layers reinforced with fibers, a very even ball rebound is generated. The very stiff carbon fibers create high catapult values with resultant high speeds. These top-end blades will also provide feel and control.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Class: Offensive +
Speed: 96
Control: 67
Blade Weight: 85
Material: Five Ply Wood + two layers of composite carbon mesh fiber.

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